lundi 14 avril 2008

Frank Zappa - 12 Fév. 1979 - Apollo Theater, Manchester, UK

135 min, SBD, A+150 min
The SBD ends during A Pound For A Brown. The FM has the section until Jumbo Go Away plus Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Persona Non Grata, Dead Girls Of London, I Ain't Got No Heart, Brown Shoes Don't Make It, Cosmik Debris, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, City Of Tiny Lights, Dancin' Fool, Easy Meat, Jumbo Go Away, Andy, Inca Roads, Florentine Pogen, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Keep It Greasey, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, For The Young Sophisticate, Wet T-Shirt Nite, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Peaches En Regalia, Yellow Snow Suite, Strictly Genteel, Montana, A Pound For A Brown (incl.Mystery Rehearsal Piece, The Deathless Horsie), Five-Five-Five
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