jeudi 28 octobre 2010

Joe Jackson - 22 October 2010 - Alençon, La luciole, France

Zoom H2, Mic Gain/M, WAV, 44.1/16 ==> convert FLAC 8
Taper & Cover Art:
Tommy Mariano
The Band:Joe Jackson: Vocals / Piano, Synthesizer,Graham Maby: Vocals / Bas, Dave Houghton: Vocals / Drums
Setlist :
It's Different For Girls (solo), Tomorrow's World,[Speech French],Citizen Sane,Real Men,Cancer,[Speech French],Dirty Martini,King Pleasure Time,Sunday Papers,Girl (solo)(Mccartney, Lennon - cover),Be My Number Two (solo),I Feel Possessed (solo)(Neil Finn - cover),Invisible Man,Another World,Take It Like A Man,Got The Time,
Is She Really Going Out With Him ?,Steppin' Out,A Slow Song
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